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PBG Care: Where innovation meets affordability in embroidery, offering you machines designed for excellence and supported with kindness. Join us in weaving success into every fabric of your business.

Our Story

1. The Humble Beginnings

It all started in 2005, in the heart of India, where our passion for embroidery first took shape. As embroiderers ourselves, we delved deep into the world of designs and fabrics, crafting pieces that spoke volumes of our dedication and creativity. However, our journey was not without its hurdles. Facing challenges firsthand, we encountered the limitations and inefficiencies of the available embroidery machines. It was this struggle that sparked a revolutionary idea: to create our own machines, tailored to overcome the industry's prevalent issues.

2. Inspiration and Innovation

Driven by inspiration from leading machines and embroiderers who had set high standards in the market, we embarked on a quest for excellence. Our search for the best production and technology led us to China, where we collaborated closely with manufacturers. Armed with a deep understanding of the requirements, needs, and problems specific to the Indian market, we went through numerous iterations and refinements. Our persistence paid off, culminating in the creation of machines that were not just solutions but beacons of innovation, all while maintaining affordability.

3. Market Adaptation

Our machines were more than just equipment; they were extensions of our personal designs and modifications, each tailored to meet the unique demands of the Indian market. We launched into the market with a commitment to quality and budget-friendliness, quickly becoming a trusted name among industrial customers. With a portfolio boasting 48-head machines, 12-head machines, laser machines, and more, we catered to over 1000 industrial clients, each with their unique embroidery needs.

4. Expansion

Our success in India was just the beginning. Looking beyond our borders, we ventured into the USA, a market with its own set of challenges and opportunities. The American market, with a strong focus on craft and art, ranging from single to six head machines, presented a new frontier. Our research revealed two major gaps: affordability and after-sales service.

5. Specially Tailored for Growth

With this insight, PBG Care redefined its mission. We tailored our offerings to meet the specific needs of the American market, focusing on affordability without compromising on quality. Our machines are designed not just to sell but to empower businesses and catalyze growth. Today, as we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, PBG Care is more than a brand; we are a partner in your embroidery journey, offering machines that are built for quality, backed by unparalleled after-sales service, and priced for accessibility.

6. Our Promise

As we continue to expand and evolve, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide embroidery solutions that empower, innovate, and transform. With PBG Care, you're not just purchasing a machine; you're investing in a future of limitless creativity and growth. Join us as we continue to redefine embroidery, one stitch at a time.

The values that drive
everything we do

Integrity and Honesty

We believe in doing business with unwavering integrity and honesty, ensuring transparency in every transaction and interaction.

Customer Centricity

Our mission is to place our customers at the heart of everything we do, tailoring our products, services, and support to meet their diverse needs.


PBG Care stands synonymous with reliability, offering durable, efficient, and dependable embroidery machines that our customers can trust.


We are committed to continuous innovation, constantly improving our technology and processes to stay at the forefront of the embroidery industry.


Building strong, lasting relationships with our customers, partners, and the broader community is fundamental to our approach.

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